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Friday 15th September, 2017

Why choose a side hinged garage door?

Why choose a side hinged garage door?

Your house is your castle, so when it comes to choosing a garage door, you should take extra care to ensure you're picking the right door for your home. There are a huge variety of garage door styles to choose from but we’ve seen the demand for side hinged garage doors rise year on year.

This classic design functions in much the same way as a regular door, with hinges along either side allowing the doors to be opened by hand, swinging outwards to provide access. We’ve looked into what it is about this particular style that makes it so attractive to homeowners.

No heavy lifting

One common problem most people have with up and over garage doors is that it can mean heavy lifting, which is not preferable for anyone not tall enough or without the strength to lift a full size door. Side hinged doors provide minimal fuss without any strain of lifting, helping to avoid injury and offering easier functionality.

They’re quiet

No one likes a noisy garage door, particularly if you live in a quiet neighbourhood and need to access your garage during the night or early in the morning. As the name suggested, side hinged garage doors have hinges as opposed to an opening mechanism, making them one of the quietest garage door styles available, making no noise whatsoever.

Modern and suited to your home

When you think of a typical garage door, you probably envisage a traditional ‘up and over’ garage door in a bland colour. Whilst appearance isn't everything, a side hinged door can make your exterior look stunningly modern, providing a great option that blends to a range of exterior styles. Avemoor’s range include various different designs, finishes and colours to suit the aesthetics of your home.

Easy access and convenience 

Side hinged garage doors are ideal for convenient and quick access to your garage contents as they open like a normal door would.  As the doors are designed to split into sections and can be opened  individually at any given time, they offer additional privacy to ensure no one is getting an eyeful of your garage storage.

Want to know more?

Let our Garage Door Specialists help you to visualise what your home could look like with one of our popular side hinged garage doors. We offer a range of colours including some from our unique new colour palette additions.  For more information about our bespoke Garage Doors, why not get in touch using our contact form – or call us on 01942 311110.

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