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Tuesday 13th November, 2018

Is it time to invest in a new garage door?

Is it time to invest in a new garage door?

If you’ve had your garage door for some time and it is showing some wear and tear, it may be time to start thinking about replacing your garage door. Typically a good garage door can last up to 30 years, as they are built to withstand pretty harsh weather conditions.

However, the well renowned rainy conditions of North Manchester can have an impact on the overall condition of your garage door.

So, what are the key signs to look for if your garage door has seen better days?

Use of Garage

A perfect time to invest in a new garage door would be if you’re considering a new use for the space. With home gyms, studios and workshops, becoming increasingly popular, the garage is no longer see as the conventional way of storing family vehicles.

Whatever you decide to do with your garage, there’s a wide range of options when it comes to selecting a new door. Some options include side hinged, up and over and personnel doors, and are made to order but they all provide their own benefits and drawbacks, making it really important to fully understand what you want to do with your garage space.

Your Garage Door Options

    • Up and over garage door - the most popular choice for a garage door and is great for automation, security and simple operation.
    • Side hinged garage door - a great choice for home gyms and workshop as they provide privacy, convenience and easy access with no lifting.
    • Personnel garage door - perfect if you don’t need wide door access, and it’s a great option for a workshop or garden tool storage.

Weather Issues

The (mostly) constant rain of North Manchester can cause issues when trying to keep your garage door in fantastic curb appeal condition. This may mean a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Garage Door is a better option as it requires no maintenance with an extremely long life-span, and is corrosion resistant.

When to Replace your Garage Door

      • Want to increase curb appeal - If you’re looking for a fresh style, colour, or design, replacing your garage door is the best way to increase the perceived value, especially if you plan on selling your home.
      • Damage is deeper than cosmetic - If the door has deep gashes or has been in a collision, it is definitely time to replace it as it may have comprised the security.
      • Manual to automatic - Garage doors have come along way with technology advancements, and it may be time to invest in an automatic garage door if you’re storing the family car.

If you’re thinking about changing your garage door, but you’re unsure what you’re looking for, visit our help and guidance page for information on our various option, or alternatively, you can contact our showroom by calling 01942 311 110.

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