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Monday 7th January, 2019

Lockdown Your Garage From Crime in Greater Manchester

Lockdown Your Garage From Crime in Greater Manchester

As the nights start to get darker, crime rates in the area of Greater Manchester have soared since the end of the summer. An easy target for criminals is the family garage as they often store some high-value items such as bicycles and tools, meaning that garage security is becoming more important.

So what steps can you take to make sure your garage is secure during the winter months?

Upgrade Your Garage Door Locks

The locks on the garage door may be getting old and are now feeling insecure. There may not be a need to replace the old garage door as a simple repair or upgrade to the lock may provide added security.

For example, a side hinged door may only have a standard lock which can be easy to break given a bit of time. For extra peace of mind, a Euro-Lock adds an extra layer of security with steel lock bars secured into the door frame and floor.

Time for a New Garage Door?

In some cases, replacing the locks might not add enough security due to the age of the door. This is when you may need to look at replacing the door, especially in the winter months because of the increased crime rates in the Greater Manchester area.

It can be difficult selecting the right type of garage door for the style of your home that will both increase the curb appeal and provide excellent security on family possessions.

The most popular choice is the up and over garage door which provides a very versatile option for storing family possessions and car with very minimal maintenance. However, is the garage is being used as more of a workshop and garden tool storage. Better options include a side hinged garage door or personnel door, especially if you’re looking to add insulation.

You can find a guide on the different types of garage doors available here.

Security from Lighting Up Your Garage

A common deterrent for thieves is light. Picture two garages, one with a motion sensor light and one without. It is easy to tell which garage the thief is likely to target.

This is a simple and cost-effective way of improving your home security and will often put intruders off, but it should always be an added layer of security along with a change of lock or a new garage door.

For more information about our bespoke garage doors and advice on garage security, please get in touch.

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