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Wednesday 6th March, 2019

The Benefits of a Custom Garage Door

When it comes to custom garage doors, it is easy to automatically start thinking of colours, styles and other stylistic factors but is important to consider the functionality of the garage.

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Monday 7th January, 2019

Lockdown Your Garage From Crime in Greater Manchester

As the nights start to get darker, crime rates in the area of Greater Manchester have soared since the end of the summer. An easy target for criminals is the family garage as they …

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Wednesday 5th December, 2018

Selecting the Perfect Colour for Your Garage Door

Choosing the colour of your garage door is one of the most important decision to make when browsing the various options. The garage door will have a huge impact on the aesthetic an…

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Tuesday 13th November, 2018

Is it time to invest in a new garage door?

If you’ve had your garage door for some time and it is showing some wear and tear, it may be time to start thinking about replacing your garage door. Typically a good garage door…

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Friday 17th August, 2018

Case Study: Small Bespoke Door Opening & Converted Office

Find out how we helped two customers with doors for two different projects which were slightly different to what we do on a monthly basis.

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Thursday 8th March, 2018

Sectional Door Panels = Strength and Warmth

Engineered to withstand extremes of heat, cold, wind and rain, Alutech sectional garage doors are built to cope with the worst the great British weather has to throw at them...

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Friday 15th September, 2017

Why choose a side hinged garage door?

There are a huge variety of garage door styles to choose from but we’ve seen the demand for side hinged garage doors rise year on year.

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Tuesday 25th July, 2017

A splash of colour: Avemoor grow colour palette with new shades

We’re already proud to boast of our extensive colour collection, with our popular side-hinged door collection already ranging from over 20 colours – finished with a powder coating. Now, we’re ready to introduce our brand new shades that we think you’ll love.

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Tuesday 21st March, 2017

What kind of Garage Door is Right For You?

Very few people use their garage only to store their car. Most garages contain everything from the lawnmower and bikes to garden tools and sun loungers. How often do you open your …

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