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Wednesday 6th March, 2019

The Benefits of a Custom Garage Door

The Benefits of a Custom Garage Door

When it comes to custom garage doors, it is easy to automatically start thinking of colours, styles and other stylistic factors but is important to consider the functionality of the garage. This can determine what type of garage door you opt for from a sectional garage door through to a roller garage door.

Why choose a bespoke garage door?

A custom garage door not only compliments the look and value of your home, but it also can highlight your own personal style and preferences and puts your own stamp on your home. The garage door is an extension of your home and you do not need to be held to the constraints of the limited selections available for standard fitting garage doors.

What considerations need to be taken into account?

The first and major consideration of selecting a new custom garage door is how you’re going to be using the space. If you’re looking for a more standard approach to garage use, then a simple up and over garage door may be the best way to go.

However, with various options available to suit different uses, it is important to take some time to consider any future plans from simple storage, home gyms or even garage extensions. For example, if you want a large door for access but some insulation, a sectional garage door may be your best option as they can be manufactured to be insulated in various sizes and styles.

The second consideration that needs to be thought through is the area you’re living in. This plays a part into what materials you should opt for whilst selecting your custom garage door because of the weather conditions. For example, we all know that Greater Manchester and Lancashire are pretty susceptible to large amounts of rain.

The benefits of choosing a custom garage door?

There are several benefits to upgrading to a bespoke garage door including improved durability, curb appeal and having the door perfectly fit the size and your own personal style.

Improved Durability - although they’re built to last bespoke garage doors will give you that extra quality and better security as you will able to choose the appropriate high-quality material.

Curb appeal and household value - you may not be planning to sell for a while, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a consideration. When it comes to making home improvements, you should always think about how it is going to affect the value of your home. A garage door is crucial to those first impressions.

Made to fit - custom garage doors are manufactured to fit perfectly and should set you up for many happy years of garage use in the way you desire to use that space. With a bespoke fit, there will be no slight gaps, and the personlised style is a sure fire way to impress your neighbours and visitors.

For more information on selecting your perfect garage door and the many bespoke options available, please click here to view our custom garage doors. Alternatively. you can contact our showroom by calling 01942 311 110.

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