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How to fix your garage door problems

How to fix your garage door problems

At Avemoor, we strive to offer helpful solutions whether you are a new or existing customer. Is your current garage door driving you mad, but you’re not sure how to move forward and fix the problem? Read on and see how we can help.

Below are three of the most common problems we come across, and the best solution for these issues:

1. “I cannot get my car into my garage without scraping the roof”

side hinged garage door would be the ideal solution to this problem. This will give you increased height so that you can drive in and out of your garage without damaging your car.

2. “Everytime I want to access the garage to get to my freezer, I have to open the full garage door, which is a nightmare when it’s raining”

We have two possible solutions for this problem;

  • Again, a side hinged garage door would be great in this situation. It would prevent the need to open the garage door completely, as you could open half the door and go in and out.
  • Alternatively, a side hinged door with an off centre split, which provides a pedestrian size door within the full door. The section you would open and enter through is a regular door size, so it will be much easier to open and close when you have your hands full!

3. “My garage door is very heavy, so I am struggling to open it”

If your garage door is too heavy, the springs may have worn out and lost their tension, or it could be something much more serious such as worn down parts. If this is the case, you could risk a serious accident occurring. The best solution in this case is to get a new garage door to give you peace of mind. To learn more about the different doors we offer, see our door type guidance.

We create bespoke garage doors to suit your individual needs and can help you choose the right sized garage door that’s best for you.

We are often able to have a larger door made to measure with a smaller frame therefore maximising the opening. Another option we offer is to fit the frame behind the brickwork reveal to increase the drive through clearance further.

We hope this helps answer your question. If you have a problem we haven’t mentioned though, see our FAQs or call the Avemoor team on 01942 311 110 or fill in our online contact form.


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